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Biochemistry, Molecular and Structural Biology

Isolation, characterization and functional studies of genes and proteins of medical, pharmaceutical and biotechnological interest in general. The line also includes biochemical and molecular studies of adaptive responses of microorganisms to biotic and abiotic factors.


Dra. Andréa Soares da Costa Fuentes andreasc@ufscar.br

Dr. Anderson Ferreira da Cunha anderf@ufscar.br

Dr. Felipe Roberti Teixeira felipebqi@gmail.com

Dra. Fernanda de Freitas Aníbal ffanibal@ufscar.br

Dra. Flavia Cristina de Paula Freitas flaviacpfreitas@gmail.com

Dr. Flavio Henrique Silva dfhs@ufscar.br

Dra. Heloísa S. S. de Araújo hsaraujo@ufscar.br

Dra. Maria Cristina da Silva Pranchevicius mcspranc@ufscar.br

Dra. Maria Teresa Marques Novo Mansur marinovo@ufscar.br

Dr. Marcos Roberto Chiaratti chiarattimr@gmail.com

Dr. Mateus José Sudano mjsudano@ufscar.br

Dra. Marília Afonso Rabelo Buzalaf mbuzalaf@fob.usp.br

Dra. Sandra Regina Costa Maruyama  srmaruyama@gmail.com

Dr. Vadim Viviani viviani@ufscar.br